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Siesta Awareness - Siesta Awareness


Siesta Awareness

Power Nap it!

Do you ever feel a lull in energy levels after lunch?

Do you sometimes wish you could just have a little siesta to refresh you?

The post-lunch nap has not yet been adopted in Britain and is often considered a sign of weakness however the ‘Power Nap’ as it is commonly called, offers real benefits to health, productivity and wellbeing.

Research shows that we have a strong biological tendency to become tired in the early afternoon. A short 10-20 minute nap in the middle of a working day can increase productivity by over 30% and alertness by 100% as well as improve memory and concentration, according to NASA.  Recent research shows that we can also reduce stress and the risk of heart disease by 34%. Sleep deprivation has been shown to make weight loss more difficult as well as cause accidents at work and on the road.  Even 5 minutes can be beneficial!   However reasearch has also shown that there is an increased risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes with those people who nap than those wo do not. (See Siesta Facts)

Benefits of the 10-20 minute nap:

          - More energy

          - Improve productivity by over 30%

          - Improve alertness by up to 100%

          - Reduce stress and the risk of heart disease by 34%

          - Better negotiation and communication

          - Reduce risk of accidents at work and on the road

          - Happiness and wellbeing

Risks of having regular short naps:

            - Possible link with developing Type 2 Diabetes.  - (See Siesta Facts.)

The short nap is an effective tool in helping us to be more healthy, alert and productive in the afternoon.  Potentially it can help reduce the risk of illness and accidents, relieving some pressure on the NHS.  However as there is also a slight risk of developing Type 2 Diabetes, you should consult your doctor if you have concerns. 

Important Note 

National Siesta Day 2009 has been cancelled.  This is in response to recent research suggesting that there may be a link between napping and the development of Diabetes Type 2. (See Siesta Facts for further details.)  The organisers have reluctantly decided not to actively promote the activity of daily napping, until research shows that the activity is risk free or confirms under what circumstances Diabetes Type 2 or any other health condition may arise, so that the public can be advised accordingly.  We apologise for any inconvenience caused due to NSD 2009 being cancelled.  Further information will be posted on this site when it becomes available.